Auto Detailing & Paint Correction

Exterior auto detailing isn’t about vanity, its about protection and
preservation. How long do you want your beautiful paint job to last It all depends on how you go about cleaning the exterior

Auto Detailing San Jose, CA

Car detailing is the process of cleaning and polishing the vehicle to maintain its looks for years. It involves everything from simple wash and wax to more labor-intensive paint correction projects. The best detail shop in San Jose, Magic Auto Shine, offers all these services to keep your car looking new. We use only the best products available in the market and our team of highly skilled professionals ensures that your car receives the best possible care. We understand that your car is a valuable asset and we take pride in providing the best services to protect your investment. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Benefits of

Paint Correction

Paint correction, as compared to Auto Detailing and Ceramic Coating, is a process of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle with professional tools and chemicals. It is completed by eliminating surface imperfections that dull and haze the surface by reflecting light off in various directions. Our experts at Magic Auto Shine can remove swirl marks, minor scratches, bird droppings, and random isolated deep scratches.

Paint Correction Packages

1 Step Paint Enhancer

  • Shine/Protection
  • Light Oxidation

2 Step

  • Light Swirl Scratches
  • Shine Protection
  • Light Oxidation

Multi Step

  • Best Possible Finish
  • Deep Scratches
  • Heavy Oxidation
  • Heavy Water Spots
  • Swirls

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What is Auto Detailing?

Car Detailing is an in-depth cleaning of both the exterior and interior of a car using highly specialized tools, chemicals and expert level skills. The goal of Car Detailing is to enhance the car’s original paintwork’s aesthetic appeal, and to protect its shiny components and features from wear and tear. Car Detailing is not only about making the car look good, but also about protecting the investment you have made in your vehicle. Car Detailing can be performed on both new and used cars, and there are many professional Car Detailers who offer their services at very reasonable rates. When having your car detailed, be sure to ask about the specific services that will be performed, as well as the prices for those services. Many Car Detailers offer package deals that can save you money, so be sure to ask about those as well. Car Detailing is an important part of owning a car, and it is well worth the investment to have your car looking its best. Magic Auto Shine San Jose is one such Car Detailing Company that offers excellent services at very reasonable rates. So, if you are looking for a Car Detailing Company in San Jose, be sure to check out Magic Auto Shine San Jose. You will not be disappointed!

Why should you hire a professional?

The Auto Detailing industry is founded on the phrase “you are what you drive.” This means that if your car is in poor condition, it will reflect poorly on you. A professional Auto Detailing service can help you keep your car clean and polished, so that you can make a good impression. Auto Detailing is more than just washing and waxing your car. It includes cleaning the interior, polishing the exterior, and protecting the finish from sun and weather damage. A professional Auto Detailing service will use high-quality products and techniques to make sure your car looks its best. Seeking out a professional Auto Detailing service is an investment in your image.

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