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Magic Auto Shine offers top-notch auto styling services in Santa Clara County. We provide tinting, caliper wraps, powder coating wheels, custom vinyl, and more for a stylish finish.

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Transform Your Vehicle with Auto Styling

Car styling near me

  • Caliper Wraps
  • Powder coating Wheels
  • Smoked Taillights & Headlights
  • Individual Panel Wrap
  • Custom Stripes
Powder coating near me

Upgrade Your Wheels with Durable Powder Coating in San Jose

Give your wheels a new lease on life with our durable powder coating services. Magic Auto Shine in San Jose specializes in providing high-quality powder coating that enhances the look and longevity of your wheels. This process offers a range of color options and a resilient finish that stands up to harsh conditions and daily wear and tear. Whether you want a glossy, matte, or metallic look, our expert team will deliver stunning results that elevate your vehicle’s style. Upgrade your wheels with our top-notch powder coating service today!

Caliper Wraps near me

Transform Your Wheels with Stylish Caliper Wraps

Enhance your car’s appearance with our premium caliper wraps. At Magic Auto Shine in San Jose, we offer a wide variety of colors and finishes to give your wheels a custom look that stands out. Our caliper wraps not only provide a stylish upgrade but also protect your brake calipers from dust and debris. With years of experience, we ensure a perfect fit and finish that complements your vehicle’s design. Transform your wheels and make a statement on the road today!

smoked lights near me

Enhance Your Car’s Look with Smoked Taillights & Headlights

Make your car stand out with our smoked taillights and headlights service. At Magic Auto Shine in San Jose, we provide a sleek and sophisticated look for your vehicle by tinting your lights to a perfect smoke finish. This subtle yet impactful modification not only enhances your car’s aesthetics but also adds a layer of protection to your lights. Trust our experienced team to deliver a flawless finish that will turn heads wherever you go. Enhance your car’s look with smoked taillights and headlights today!

Custom Stripes near me

Add a Unique Touch with Custom Stripes

Stand out on the road with custom stripes from Magic Auto Shine in San Jose. Our custom stripes service allows you to add a personalized touch to your vehicle, whether you prefer racing stripes, pinstripes, or unique designs. We use premium vinyl materials and precision application techniques to ensure your stripes look sharp and last long. Custom stripes not only enhance your car’s visual appeal but also reflect your personal style. Add a unique touch to your vehicle with our custom stripes service today!

smoked lights near me

Personalize Your Ride with Individual Panel Wraps

Express your unique style with individual panel wraps from Magic Auto Shine in San Jose. Whether you want to highlight specific parts of your vehicle or completely change its color, our high-quality vinyl wraps offer endless possibilities. Each wrap is custom-fit to your vehicle’s panels, ensuring a seamless and eye-catching result. Our skilled technicians use only the best materials to deliver a look that lasts. Personalize your ride with individual panel wraps and make your car truly one-of-a-kind!

Car Stylyng cost

Caliper wraps

  • Standard Colors $1200
  • Custom Decals $50/Decal
  • Custom Colors Additional $250

Smoked lights

  • Head Lights $150
  • Tail Lights $150
  • Side Markers $50

Individual Panel Wraps

  • Based On Time & Material
  • Inquire for Price

Custom Stripes

  • Based On Time & Material
  • Inquire for Price

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Styling Services

Auto styling involves modifying a vehicle’s appearance through various services like caliper wraps, powder coating wheels, Smoked Taillights & Headlights, Individual Panel Wrap, custom stripes.

We have years of experience and offer a range of services to keep your vehicle looking great, our customers confirm this.

Caliper wraps are colored, heat-resistant films applied to your car’s brake calipers for a custom look.

Yes, powder coating is more durable and resistant to chips and scratches compared to traditional paint.

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Magic Auto Shine Verified Reviews

Read What Your San Jose Neighbors Have to Say About Us.

Fast, reliable service with top quality 😀
I recently dropped my car off here and within a couple of hours I got a call back saying my tints are about to be done, on top of the welcoming staff they provide fast and excellent work
408 Cisco
Fantastic place to bring your car for any paint job, I really like the cordiality of the owners
Christian Belotti (ChrisBy)
Did a great job tinting windows, love it!
Matthew Barrientos
Omar is very knowledgeable of anything you need to protect and take care of your car. He provides practical recommendations and provides you information for you to have the knowledge to choose whatever protection you needed or wanted. I had my car windows tinted to protect from UV rays and heat from the sun. I previously have my aircon at full blast, now it just goes to min settings and my car is cooled easily. I also got the full front PPF (front hood, front fenders, mirrors, bumpers, headlights). He puts in additional door edge guards, cargo bumper shields and door handle protection as bonus. This package comes with 10 year warranty with an annual checkup included. Finally I obtained ceramic coating making my car looks and shine like a brand new car in carshows. This option comes with 6 years warranty that includes an annual check and reapplication if needed. On top of all these, he charges competitively lower than most of the other shops I checked and shop around with. He and his team works professionally and I highly recommend his car shop Magic Auto Shine for all your car protection and car care needs.
Terrence Asuncion
Omar and his team did a full interior cleaning on my car, and did a phenomenal job. Out of the 7 years I’ve had my used car, I didn’t know it could look brand new. The seats/car smelled good, and they were so detail oriented. My Prius has all fabric seats which looked brand new and stain free after the service. They even cleaned under my trunks storage space!! Dropped my car off and within a few hours it was ready!
Adeline Macfarlane
Not only was the family who runs this business super kind, they really worked with me to make sure everything I needed got done. The finished result was perfect, clean, done with consideration, and fine attention to detail. They even told me about a compartment in my car I didn’t know I had! 10/10
Omar and his team are great and very knowledgeable of their products. There were able to help me pick out the best tints for my car. Omar is also very flexible and is willingness by to work with you to make sure everything is up to the customers wants.
Paul de Groot
My car looks better then new, what a great job on my 2017 Subaru. Cleaned up the headlights, engine and beautiful detail on the body of the car thanks Omar and your team at Magic Auto Shine.
ken watkins
Tomislav Pejsa

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